Friday, December 31, 2010

Jackalopes Hockey Game/ 12- 17- 10.

Tim, Tanner, Kyle, Bailey, Rieley and I, went to the Jackalopes Hickey game and had a nice evening. The team was ahead when we left but we never found out the outcome. When they were introducing the team, everyone of the starting 6 was from Canada, which we found ironic being we are in TX. We sat up in the stands and felt a little safer then when we went last year and had to be on the watch all of the time for a flying puck. When the team scores, the fans go down and through plastic carrots out onto the ice and these little kids learning to skate go out and pick them up. Really cute. Also, during the break between quarters one and two, 4-8 yr old boys were on the ice playing a quick game of hockey.
Rieley even got to see Santa on the ice and up personal and say HI.

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