Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Christmas Day

We enjoyed our second Christmas here in TX. Would have loved to have a white Christmas, but don't see that happening here. Hunter's girlfriend was here to celebrate with us. Everyone was happy with the gifts and Rieley was really excited to see what santa had left her. She ogt her pink princess bike she had asked for, along with so much more. The child, still has things all over the living room floor, that we need to find homes for. Her Aunt Kitty and Uncle rich, spoiled her as usual. It was a Princess Christmas from them and rieley was in Heaven. She loves the new Belle dress up outfit and all of the accessories, plus all of the other goodies. Jess, gave us some gifts and we liked them all. I only missed my calender. haha
I bought Tim a surround sound system for the family room television, think he likes it. He, couldn't figure out what I could have bought him that was so big. actually surprised him this year.
Rieley was able to go out in the afternoon and take her new bike for a ride. Kyle's girlfriend, Victoria was able to join us after dinner for the evening and open her gifts. She also, brought goodies for us.
Enjoy the pictures. Not sure why a few of them were doubled, but enjoy.

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  1. Look at all of that Christmas loot! Holy cow! I wasn't sure anyone could beat R's loot pile by I think you guys win. Yowsa!