Monday, December 6, 2010

Dad's Fall Through the Ceiling/ Outside Decorating

Tim and Tanner, were getting the outside lights down from the attic in the garage on Sunday. Last year Tanner put some of the boxes on the walkway, up there. Well, Tim decided to try and walk around them on the rafter instead of moving them. And, fell through to his hips, into the laundry room. He is ok, is sore in the hip area and walking with a limp. Rieley and I were at church, when this happened and the other two kids were sleeping. I came home to a really big hole in my ceiling, and am now waiting for the builders to come and fix it, who knows when that will happen.
Check out the picture. There is a common factor in all of the light pictures. Can you pick it out, Tanner is the only one doing the work, all others say they are supervising.

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