Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rieley's first day of dance. 3/21/11.

Two, local mom's, have started a dance class here in Andrews. One of the teachers, is Bailey's softball coaches, sister in law. Rieley goes every Monday at 10, and learns ballet and tap, for about 50 minutes. At the end of May, the girls will put on a little recital for the parents at the high school. She loves the class and had no problem with mom  not staying. This is a huge step for her and mom. She has never stayed with anyone or gone to something by herself, before now. It gives mom, time to come home and get a few things done, or some local errands done, while Rieley is in class.
Aunt Kitty, was here for her first class. She was amazed that Rieley went in and had NO problem with mommy leaving her.

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