Sunday, March 20, 2011

San Marcus, TX tournament March 18-19

Tanner, Rieley and I, traveled to San Marcus for the Rattler Classic softball tournament. Bailey again did not see any playtime because of her injury but we watched all of the games, shopped the outlet malls, ate out way too much and had a good time.
It was nice having Tanner along, tim could not get off of work, so having another adult(using tem lightly) alone to drive and help out was nice. The bees were horrible at the fields, and Tanner was stung the first game there. The scenery was beautiful on the drive, and we drove on some really staright and long roads. You will go up a hill and not be able to see what was over the other side until it would have been to late. We went through a town called Iraan and Rieley got her feel of a gameboy for the first time, and hasn't seen it since. It was a good distraction for the 30 or so minutes she played it.
The team struggled bigtime, going 1-4 in the two days of play. None of the girls were hitting, pitching was off and playing agianst some bigger schools.
Bailey stayed with us on Sat night, instead of going home on the bus. (6 hour drive). We went back and did more walking and shopping at the outlet malls and fought the springbreak crowds, which were ridiculous.
The highlight of the trip was picking up Rieley's Godmother in Midland on the way home, but that meant waking up at 5 am, to get back in time for her plane.

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