Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fire Safety at the Library and some fun too.

Wednesday afternoon, Rieley and I went back to our local library for our local volunteer fire fighters to teach some fire safety. Rieley thought it was all great until the guys alarm went off when he didn't move and he let it get really loud. Fireman Buddy, who showed up in jeans, big belt buckle,cowboy boots and hat, then put on all of his equipment for the kids. There were lots of kids there, so it got a little loud but
Rieley learned the Stop Drop and Roll idea and some other safety tips. After they were done with their prexentation, they took the kids outside and let them play in the water from the fire hoses, as it was a little hot outside, about 98 degrees. Rieley is the one upfront with her ears covered, if I wasn't taking pictures, mine would have been covered too.

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