Thursday, June 16, 2011

Our night at the library.

During the summer, our local library puts on an awesome reading program for all kids. Rieley loves going to the library and loves books. So, we go on Tues for Mommy and Me crafts, Wed is storyhour and a short movie, and thurs is Movie Time. Well, while we were at story hour on Wed, Marylou the storyhour lady as rieley calls her, was talking about the bats they had at the library and even showed us a video she had taken of them coming out the previous night. And, the book she read was called, Bats at the Library> So, after daddy went to bed Wed night, Rieley and I headed to the library back parking lot to see if we could catch sight of the bats. About 9:05 or so, they started coming out a few at a time then like 20 or more would fly out. After they all came out, we hope they all got out, the county sealed off the opening. They were messing and stinking up the library with all of their droppings. So, who knows where they will make their home now, but it won't be the library.

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