Saturday, July 16, 2011

Finally a POOL.

Tim finally caved and let us get a pool. Our yard had died and he was looking at getting it resodded, my comment was might as well get a pool now and not waste good sod later. Also, put in I was not living here another 10 - 12 tears, until retirement without a pool.
So, the pool was finished while we were on vacation and we are still trying to work all of the kinks out. It is kind of hard though , when the builder goes missing and no one knows how to get in touch with him. One major problem, is workers did, was cover our water meter in the alley. All is fine as long as we don't get a leak, that is the main shutoff. Have offered Tanner $100 to uncover it and clear away concrfet they put on top of it.
The kids have enjoyed the pool as well as mom and dad. We may invest in some solar panels to put on it , because the water right now is already to cold to get in. My sister, Pam, wants to know when the heater is being installed.

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