Friday, October 21, 2011

Sick AGAIN, this time STREP.

Rieley is sick again. She woke up Thursday night with a 102.2 fever and said it hurt to swallow. She nor did mom or dad sleep well that night. I kept her home Fri and called the doctors office. We had a 415 appt in Midland and after being skipped and finally seeing the dr at 510, she was found to have strep. They gave us a prescription for an antibiotic and off we went to get it filled. Knew there was no way to get back to our friendly pharmacist here in andrews before he closed, so I went to Walmart. Big mistake. After waiting 15 minutes to drop it off and walking the store for another 45 minutes, we finally had medicine. In the meantime, I opened another box of tylenol for Rieley, she was burning up and didn't bring my supply from home. She just wanted to go home and asked several times what was taking them so long, hard to reason with a sick kid. She made out though, new toy and 2 new videos. We made it home around 8pm, of course she didn't want to go to bed, so we stayed up until about 915 then she crashed. Only to come in our room at 1030pm, whiny and crying. Never did get out of her what was wrong, but to say it was a long night is an understatement. From5 am until finally rolling out of bed at 9 this morning, she wanted to play board games, lol. That was not happening, I dozed in between her requests and she would have nothing to do with dad. She had a popsicle and a few bites of chocolate cake for breakfast, then her medicine and which caused her to bring it all back up. Waiting a while before trying another dose. She is presently on the couch, watching Anastasia.


  1. Well poop! I hope she's feeling a little better by now. Poor kid.
    Hugs from OR.