Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Disney Day 2

We started the first day off in Hollywood Studios. There were a lot of shows for us to view and some of the charaters from Disney Jr shows Rieley likes. We did a few meet and greet of characters and then split. Rieley and I stayed to wait for a show and tim and bailey went off to do a few rides. Rieley and I happened to be fiorst in line, so she got to say the magical words "Meeska, mooska Mickey Mouse" to open the doors for the first show of the day. She was shy but got the job done and a thank you card from all of the characters.
The main down fall of the day was it rained and we got WET. Bailey suffered the worst and got huge blisters on her feet, that needed bandaged daily and this momma didn't pack for blisters. So, we knew where all of the first aid stations were at each park by the end of our stay and they were so helpful and gave us enough to last until we got home. Spent lots of money on ponchos and never had to use them again.
We moved onto the Magical Kingdom in the afternoon and had a character dinner, with Pooh and all of his friends. We stayed and watched the fireworks over Cinderella's Castle, that were amazing. We were beat by the time it was time to head back to the shuttles, thank goodness we had someone to drive us to where we needed to go each night.Didn't take long for any of us to drop off to lala land that night or any night to come.

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