Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Disney Day 3

Today, was breakfast with the Princesses at Cinderellas Castle. Rieley was in Princess Heaven. She wore her Belle gown and all of the accessories. The food was ok, but not worth the 2 meals, off of our plans each. But the look on her face as each princess was introduced and each one came to our table would have been worth the whole meal plan.
Another day of riding rides, figuring out the :Fast Pass", shows and parades. We did not bring a stroller when we came and Rieley didn awesome, but during her tired periods were also ours, so we took turns carrying her nad if she fell asleep, I would sit with her while tima dn bailey did the rides. I am not an adventurous person, if the ride leaves the ground or spins fast, it is not for me. I did do a few rides this trip I normally wouldn't do, but I MOMMED UP and did them, Fast Track and the Madhatters Tea Cups to name 2. Bailey did attempt to spin us out of control but I won.
We bought the meal plan and were very happy we did. It was worth the money and we will do it again the next trip we make. We were never hungry and most of the food we had was good, a few better than the other.

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  1. Princess Rieley is my fave. Princess Tim is a close second though. Ha.