Saturday, May 8, 2010

Andrews Girls Softball Area 3A Champions

The girls played a tough game Thurs night, but held onto win 3-2 in 8 innings. They drove back to Andrews, while Hunter, Rieley and I stayed in Big Springs for the night. I had no intentions of driving back at 10 pm and getting home at midnight, only to return for one game on Fri, possibly 2, The girls then went to school Fri morning and left to come back to Colorado City for the first game at 5pm. The started out ok, but kicked butt from the second inning on. The other team, lost their number one pitcher to a blister on her finger of her delivery hand. Not a good way to go out, but ours girls took advantage of the new pitcher and hit away. They won this game 13-0 in 5 innings. Bailey, was the dh for the game and made contact twice and struck out once. She never made it on base, but did have an RBI. Had a nice fly out to center field but the player caught it, was nice to see her hitting the ball again. This team of girls has 8 sophomores on it and will be a strong team for the 2 years to come.
They play Lubbock =Cooper this coming Fri and Sat in Snyder,TX. Tim, Rieley and I will be heading that way Fri and plan on spending the night. The girls will once again head home for the night and return on Sat. They are calling for storms and rain this weekend, hoping they will hold off until the games are done. This team beat us 3-0, in the Midland Tournament back at the beginning of our season. Our girls have improved greatly since then. Our defense is awesome, hoping the bats will be hitting. Bailey will be playing first base Friday night, as the regular first baseman will be away at the state track meet in Austin and will join the team on Sat. It will be best out of three games, unless weather plays a factor.
It was nice to have Hunter along to help with Rieley and not to have to drive by alone with Rieley. He is not a big fan of softball, but was a good sport. We got to spend some time visiting and had a nice time. I am so glad to have him home for the summer.

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