Saturday, May 1, 2010

Andrews vs Alpine Softball Game

The girls varsity team won their district title, so had a bye this week. The coach scheduled a scrimmage game against Alpine, but luckily we played in Monahans,TX. Alpine is like 3 1/2 hours away, whereas Monahaons, is only 1 hour away. But, it helped with the 80 mph on the interstate.
While we were over that way, we went to visit a little town called Wickett, where Tim lived for a summer 32 years ago and did an internship during college. He remembered where he lived and we were priviledged to see the trailer he lived in 32 years ago still there. It was a sore sight for the eyes but still standing.
Bailey got one at bat, before the coach realized she had been left off the roster and so was not allowed to bat again. She made contact but was put out at first by the shortstop. Just glad to see her getting some at bats, too bad the mistake was made.
Rieley was entertained by Michelle, playing with sidewalk chalk and learning the game of hopscotch.

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