Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bailey's All Academic Accomplishments

Mon, May 3 2010, Bailey was rewarded for making 90% and above in all of her classes for the school year. She actually didn't drop below a 94% in any and we are very proud of her.There were only like 27 kids out of her class that received this award. Her class is small, with only somewhere around 250 kids, but it doesn't seem like education is a high priority here. Kids do what they need to, to get by and play sports and that is it. She has not liked it here since we moved but knows school work is important and needs good grades to move further in life. She is a very motivated person when it comes to school and we are do proud of her. YEAH Bailey.


  1. good job B! definitely keep up those grades and go to college or you'll be stuck working at Sonic lol