Monday, May 3, 2010

Hunter is home for the summer.

Hunter, arrived safely in Midland from Pittsburgh, Sunday evening. Along with his 70 pound suitcase full of dirty clothes. Rieley was very happy to see him, so were mom and dad. Bailey and the boys were too, but not as happy as we were. he looks good but a little tired after finals week. Now, he can catch up on his sleep, find a job(maybe) and enjoy some down time for the summer. His girlfriend is due to arrive on the 19th of this month. Should be a fun time with her here. Hoping to get out and do some things or at least try to find some things to do.
We all, went out to eat at chili's, for dinner. Hunter was given the honor of choosing where he wanted to go. It was good to have everyone back together and have Kyle's girlfriend Victoria join us.
Rieley's for duty for Hunter, was reading books. After, she showed him, the garden, the new swingset and her new bedroom furniture.


  1. That is just precious, the way she loves her big brother. She's gonna keep him busy!

  2. What a happy reunion! So glad you are together for the summer!