Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dentist visit 11-18-2010.

Rieley had a cleaning with Dr. Wilkerson on Thurs the 18th of Nov. Normally, these consist of her sitting in my lap and him looking at her teeth and painting the flouride treatment on. After, her experience in PA, she will not go near the dentist without tim or I there and in our laps. So, today was a huge step for her. She actually sat in the chair, let him clean her teeth and take an xray. He found, the tooth that the dentist had capped in PA, has an infection under and around it, so we need to have that tooth pulled and a spacer put in until her permanent tooth comes in. This momma bear was not happy with this news, the dentist was not pleased either. Saying the dentist in PA either did it wrong or missed something.
So, on Dec 6th, we will take Rieley to the hospital to be put under and have that tooth pulled. This, we see as the only way to have it done, until we can get her to feel more at ease with him and not panic when we go to his office. After, how badly she was traumatized in PA, this will be a LONG process, and luckily this dentist is very understanding and is willing to work with rieley and us in getting her to feel more comfortable in his office, with him and his staff.
After the visit, she was rewarded with a trip to the ToysRUs store, located directly behind the dentists office.She picked out these cute little animals that come in little balls, like you get out of gumball machines. They have 16 in a pack and she loves them.
Please, think of her on the 6th, as she goes under and has this procedure done. Will update site after we are home that day. Should go in early in the morning and be home after lunch.

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