Thursday, November 11, 2010

Trip-Part 3

Rieley and I headed to IL early Monday afternoon( Oct 25th, 2010). Grandma and grandpa were going to exercise and then to vote early, so we left for Aunt Kitty's and Uncle Rich's house. We picked up lunch for the road and then settled in for the 2 hour drive and it went so quickly, Rieley slept half of the way. We couldn't get the garage door opener to work, so we stopped by the Lundberg house to visit and then went to get Aunt Kitty at school. We went with her to her therapy and then home for some yummy supper and visiting.

Tuesday was a really yucky morning and the winds were blowing really hard, but we set off for the Brookfield Zoo and are so glad we did. It was free to get in and no one was there, we may have seen 10 other people while we were there. We rented a dolphin stroller for Rieley and she thought that was great, caught a dolphin show, had a private up close visit with the giraffes, Aunt Kitty can do an awesome peacock call, she introduced Rieley to a camel named Socratese. had some lunch and then headed back to Channahon, with a little shopping on the way home. That evening, we went wtih the Johnstons and Miriam Abraham to Cemeno's for dinner, yummy pizza and great company.
Wedsnesday, was a full day. We started at Ms. Mary Ellen's Preschool for her morning session, Rieley loved it. She played with a corn shucker, paint(nonwashable),rode on the carousel in her basement preschool, had snack, listened to stories, and played outside. Then, we were off to meet Mr Rittof for lunch at Lone Star. it was great catching up with him and his busy life. I, so miss the life we had in Channahon. Then we were off for an afternoon of Kindergarten. Rieley, got to go to Aunt Kitty's class and be a Kindergartener for the afternoon. she did what they did, while mom helped do things in the class room. To, say she was tired after this day, would be an understatement. Beth Smythe came by to visit and the we headed out for some Mexican food for dinner, where Rieley proceeded to fall asleep. Michael and her, had a great time during our visit, he read books, gave her the nasty Illinois pillow to play with and bulilt forts with her, she had a blast, think he did too.
Thursday, we went up to school and watched the Kindergateners haver their Halloween parade and then had to say our goodbyes and head back to grandma and grandpas.
Can't wait to go back and visit and hopefully see more of our friends and old neighbors.

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