Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We spent Thanksgiving 2010 in Andrews, TX. Everyone but Hunter was here, and he was in Lancaster, PA with his girlfriend and family. we missed having him home, but he will be here on the 19th of Dec, for Christmas break. And, Jess will be joining us sometime over the break for a visit also. We fixed a 26 pound turkey with all of the fixings, plus 2 pies. Our turkey was covered in butter, salt and pepper, then a bottle of white wine was poured over him and into the cooking bag. He was one happy bird and very yummy.
Kyle's girlfriend, Victoria joined us for dinner and then we all watched the movie, Grown Ups. Then it was time to turn in for Rieley, mom and dad. The older kids stayed up and did who knows what, I probably don't want to know. haha
The paper turkey, was made by Rieley at Storyhour, at our local library.

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. We have so much to be THANKFUL for.

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  1. What a beautiful baked turkey!!! I'm so glad you had a wonderful day!

    Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!!!