Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dallas and injections.

We arrived in Dallas ahead of schedule, so made a pit stop at the mall to waste some time. Then it was time to head back and get the procedure done. Bailey would receive 4 injections into her neck, to help releave some of the pain. We arrive for the procedure at noon and were on the road by 3, but hit rush hour traffic leaving. At this point, Bailey was very hungry(hadn't eaten since 10 the previous night) and Tim not want ing to stop because of traffic. Well, after about an hour of driving, there was no around it, we stopped quickly at McD's and got food to go and once again had a happy patient. Plus, Tim, Rieley and I had not eaten either, and Rieley never once complained. She just goes with the flow and when stuff happens she just adjusts and is an awesome traveler. We got back on the road and made it to Abiliene TX to spend the night. Ate dinner at a Chili's , then headed to the hotel for the night. Up early the next morning for our final 3 hour drive home.
I wish I would have hired someone to clean the house before I returned. The 22 and 24 year old, are slobs and DO NOT know how to clean. I don't think they swiftered the entire time we were gone and with 2 shedding dogs, you can only imagine. The floors were disgusting, took me 3 times to mop them to get them presentable and don't even ask about the bathrooms. Next year, they will be locked out of the house while we go on our vacation, no joking here.
It wasso nice to be back in our own bed and no more hotels, no more restuarants and no more traveling in the van, for more than 40 minutes for at least 2 weeks until we headed back to dallas for the second set of injections.

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