Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rieley starts Kindergarten 8/24/2011./Bailey's senior year begins.

Hard to believe Bailey is a senior in high school and Rieley is starting kindergarten. Would love to know where the time has gone, for me it has gone way too fast.
Rieley loves kindergarten and is in the dual language class, where she gets both spanish and english. It is a little rough now, but hopefully she will catch on soon. She needs to be challenged and this will be it. I, so miss my shadow all day. Kind of hard on mom, not having her here with me, knowing she is the baby. Tim says no more, boo hoo(I tried).
Bailey is carrying a full load of classes this year. She is 12th in her class of 230+ students, and with the load she has she should move up a few before graduation. She is involved in student council, FCA, church youth group and friends.

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  1. Oh, wow... they are both growing up so fast! Congrats to your senior and kindergartner.