Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Reunions in IN 2011.

Left IL and headed to IN. My dad's side of the family was having their reunion and my high school was having my 30th, the same weekend. So, we split our time between my folks house, the hotel, and going to different parts of each reunion. If these happen together again, it will be tough. Missed so much of each, would rather take up 2 weekends, then do them both again on the same weekend.
Amazing how so many of my classmates look almost the same as they did when we graduated. Tim's comment was, not too many of the guys had beer guts. We enjoyed a round of golf, didn't play well but had fun and reconnecting with Sheryl Smith, a golf team member from HS of mine\. Her and I were the only girls to play golf that morning, along side of 29 guys.
Fun times had all around, great to see everyone and looking forward to the next one, in 5 years.

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