Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Visit to the Stokes in MD, 8/2011.

Oh, how I miss this family and all of Rieley's China sisters and their families. We were able to stop in MD and spend the afternoon and night with Rieley's foster sister and family from China. The girls played like they see each other everyday(really having not seen each other since last July), it was so neat to see them interact with each other. We also celebrated their birthdays, while there, even though Rieley's had been in April. Janel and Ron, fixed an awesome dinner and were the best hosts. We enjoyed just sitting around while the girls played and we talked and talked. When it was time to leave in the morning, we had a few tears from Rieley, wanting to stay just one more day and play with Jaden. We promised to get togehter next summer for a longer period, the girls a growing up way too fast. I, so want to be back in PA and be closer.

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